While Katie's Readers does not ordinarily raise funds for our day to day operation, there often comes a time when we do run a fundraising campaign to support a project that enables us to help in a more tangible way.


Knitters Unite for Refugees is one of those projects.


We believe that every child should have access to quality education, but before a child can focus on learning, as Abraham Maslow outlined in his Hierarchy of Human Needs, their basic needs must be met:





















Katie's Readers works primarily with organisations serving poor and displaced communities whose priority is a safe and nurturing environment. Only when a child feels safe and comfortable can we start to expect true learning to take place. During the winter months, this means making sure children are warm and comfortable in the classroom.


Our volunteers are busy throughout the year hand-making hats and scarves for the children served by one of our partner organisations Hands-On Hope; click on the logo to visit their website and see their fantastic work.








Hands-on Hope is a Community Service & Humanitarian Organization, based in Amman, Jordan, providing critical support to those suffering from poverty & hardship, both local Jordanians and refugees.


Hands-On Hope provides aid, community services, education, and college scholarships, among many other things, at the grassroots level where it is needed most.


Throughout the year Katie's Readers raises funds to be able to send our colourful hats and scarves directly to Hands-On Hope in Jordan to personally distribute them to the children in their community. We then purchase more wool and begin again to prepare for next winters batch, providing children with beautifully hand-made winter woolies to keep them warm and snuggly in their classroom during winter.


Thank you so much for supporting our

Katie's Readers Knitters Unite 



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