"We LOVE everything about Katie's Readers of course, but nothing makes it more meaningful than having witnessed first hand the huge difference this group makes in the lives of so many children. We're so lucky to have Katie's Readers and we're so lucky to have Angela!"
Jodi, Jon, & Jake
Katie's Family, USA
"I felt it was my destiny to meet Angela, and to help facilitate the connection between the volunteers and the students. It started off as a book donation, but I could see there was so much more potential. It was a pleasure to witness authentic intergenerational and intercultural relations between the volunteers and the students and to truly feel the learning and exchange taking place. Katie's Readers will always have a special place in my heart."
Rawan Roshni
"I met Angela when she attended a training I was co-leading in Jordan. I was supposed to be her teacher, Angela became mine. She was perhaps the most attentive and inquisitive participant among relief workers, teachers, social workers, and counselors who were learning about trauma recovery. Angela had her own questions that day that challenged my understanding and forced me to truly think about the concepts I was teaching. And since that day, as a friend and as a supportive life-coach, Angela has provided me with all the right questions for understanding my own heart’s wisdom. Sometimes, we do not need advice or clinical explanations: what we need instead is someone who listens fully and with her heart, and who speaks the questions we need to answer for ourselves."
Dr. Kathryn J. Adams
Trauma and Learning Specialist, Ed.D.,
MA Clinical Psych,
MA Writing , USA
"When I heard that Angela had ' written to the Queen of Jordan' to ask what she should do with her donation of books, I knew I had met someone who was on a journey, and I wanted to be part of that journey. Katie's Readers was one of the most important elements of my time in Jordan and I was very happy to help start up this worthwhile programme. Angela has so much energy, wisdom and knowledge - I know that she will succeed in anything she sets her mind to."
Gillian Golborne
"When I met Angela through a mutual friend, her passion for Katie's Readers was infectious. I have always liked being involved in volunteer activities, especially during the school years of my children. Having plenty of free time in Jordan, I soon found myself onboard with Katie's Readers and set up the 'Crafty Ladies'. We were a group of ladies who met weekly at my house. We prepared lessons given to us by Angela for the volunteers to take into the classrooms. Our meetings were always great fun, we would drink our coffee, perhaps have a piece of cake and put the world right whilst cutting and sticking whatever was needed that week."
Gillian Christou
​​"I can still remember the first time Katie's Readers was introduced to ICS. I was listening to those dedicated ladies talking about it passionately and me thinking how can anyone not wish to be part of such project. 5 years now and I can't believe yet how rewarding the eager looks for more in the eyes of little kids. Thank you for opening a chance to give to the community and to empower children with knowledge that can brighten their future."
Fatima Al Naser
KR Liaison @ The International Community School,
Amman, Jordan
​​"My earliest memory of Katie's Readers is sitting at a coffee shop in Amman listening to Angela explain her hopes and plans for this wonderful organisation. I was overwhelmed by excitement! I'd been searching for a project which would use my skills, hopefully make a small difference and bring me JOY! This was it! I had always loved teaching in the classroom but writing an English programme to foster love of books and reading was a dream come true for me. We had long discussions about the direction the Katie's Readers curriculum should take and the kind of lessons needed to make it easy for volunteers to pick up the programme and run with it.  I am enormously proud of my time with Katie's Readers and so grateful to Angela and the team of people I met and worked with. Katie's Readers also included my young daughter Amelia! We were both enveloped in the love of volunteering with Katie's Readers. An experience we will both value forever!"
Sandi Titus

"I was part of the volunteering with the Katie's Readers PASS IT ON community. Thank you for this amazing fruitful experience.

It was a service I will never forget. Seeing these adorable girls excited and happy every Sunday waiting for the enthusiasm to start made my entire day. Without your community, I wouldn't have been able to rise my excitement and potential to do more community service work. So, on the behalf of all of us, THANK YOU."

Youth Volunteer, Amman Jordan

"Katie's Readers PASS IT ON showed us how awesome and fun community service is! That's why we have decided to dedicate the whole summer for community service, as we will be participating in several programmes that help and support children and human rights!"

Ghaith & Team
Youth Volunteers, Amman Jordan
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