Katie’s Readers is a global community of volunteers, including youth volunteers, who support us on our mission of: 

We offer programmes that encourage a dynamic approach to learning, engaging the children in fun activities that involve movement, communication, stories and arts and crafts. Our approach supports English language learning as well as supporting cross-curriculum learning efficiency, can be delivered locally or as part of an overseas volunteer project, and is available to anyone with a big heart and a love of learning.


Through our PASS IT ON programme we provide free training for all our volunteers, including access to continued support through our online community. Our volunteers then design and implement an outreach programme that works specifically for their community. 


All of the members who participate in our programme benefit significantly from their individual experience. Teachers, parents, youth volunteers and young students all coming together to improve education and build relationships within communities.

Our inspiration and the heart behind everything we do at Katie's Readers is little Katie Jonis. A sweet little friend of ours who died suddenly of an unexpected illness at just seven-years-old. 

This is for          and her family.

Scattering the love of learning around the world

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